The following list is in the currently planned order. I’m not sure about the release cycle time, so can’t predict which features are in the next version or one or two versions later.

Ideas are very welcome and may get a high priority in this list. Stability of the Addon is always at the top of the list. So if any bugs were found, they will be fixed before any new things are added.

Support for new versions Blender is a side topic, idea is to always be compatible to the current LTS version and the current development version (currently 2.9).

  • Advanced Layer Manager, that mixes materials instead of shaders (required for baking).
  • Bake support in the Material Generator node (or in a separate node)
  • Auto converter that generates materials for other render engines from the baked results (LuxCoreRender, others like ProRender, Appleseed … must be verified).
  • Presets for the Mask Generator node
  • Additional masks in the Mask Generator node
  • Toggle to enable/disable layers in the Layer Manager node
  • More grunge maps and support for user maps
  • More predefined advanced shaders
  • UV mapping that reduces texture repeating artifacts
  • Support for advanced noise textures: Simple noise textures look too synthetic, but more complex setups may be very handy. Figure out setups that look real and create a node for this.
  • Material from single texture: Just load the diffuse map, other channels are calculated from it
  • PBR set compression: Support to use (and maybe a tool to combine) e.g. roughness, specular, metallic, … channels into one RGBA texture to safe texture space.
  • Support for displacement maps
  • Material Preview in the Material Generator node
  • PBR set preview generator, so Material from Textures displays a better view of the set